Swaging with Gary - 'Ask Me Anything' Q & A, Episode 2

Posted by Gary Wellborn on Jun 4, 2019 1:13:36 PM


Watch Episode 2: Ease of Doing Business and Installation 

As part of our 'Swaging with Gary' expert video series, we asked viewers to submit questions for Gary to answer regarding each episode topic. Here are the questions and Gary's answers for Episode 2: Ease of Doing Business with Swagelok and Installation of our products.

Q:  How can you claim that Swagelok is #1 in performance and safety? – John P.

A:  Swagelok has built a reputation with our customers for over 72 years by producing leak free fittings. We do this by having a better design that grips, seals and holds the tubing in place. We provide superior grade materials and excellence in manufacturing our parts. Our energy surveys with our customers are the “proof in the pudding”. They have consistently proven to our customers that Swagelok provides the lowest leak rate and that with training; we can reduce that to zero.

Q:  How is Swagelok 316 stainless steel material different?  – Van J.

A:  316 SS just isn’t what is used to be. The mills can control the chromium and nickel content today where it    barely meets the minimum levels to say it is 316 grade. Swagelok has a special recipe that is unique to Swagelok and cannot be purchased by anyone else. Chromium and nickel are critical for corrosion resistance and ductility in stainless steel. Swagelok has maintained chromium content in its fitting at a minimum of 17% and nickel at a minimum if 12% for many years. Our fittings are made from only high-quality raw material and provide superior chloride stress corrosion cracking (CSCC) resistance. 

Q:  What is SAT 12 and how does it help your back ferrule hold the tubing? –Anonymous

A:  SAT 12 is Swagelok’s unique low-temperature carburization process. It achieves a phenomenal tool steel-like hardness and strength in the ferrule without sacrificing corrosion resistance or material ductility (is non-brittle). It enriches the surface of stainless and other metal alloys by diffusing carbon atoms between metal atoms without forming carbides. This is one of the most significant breakthroughs in material science in many decades. This allows the Swagelok tube fitting to have a grip-type design that uses a unique “hinging and colleting” action to achieve optimal performance in tube grip, gas seal and vibration resistance.

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