Compressed Gas Leak Detection

How much is leakage costing you?

Improve efficiency, increase reliability, and reduce energy consumption and emissions in everyday operations by addressing and eliminating gas leaks throughout your facility. We'll identify leaks and quantify leak rates so you can prioritize the most critical issues to address based on safety, cost and productivity.

Simply identifying leaks in a system can save you hundreds, even thousands, of dollars per year. Below is an infographic demonstrating the average cost of leaks in a prototypical compressed gas system.

Meet Our On-site Services Advisor


  • System online 8.760 hours per year
  • Electricity cost: $.10 per kWh
  • Account Maintenance costs not included as part of total savings
  • If a single leak can cost $391/year, it's easy to see how quickly the costs can add up with multiple leaks in a system - how many leaks are in your facility?

Here’s what you can expect when you meet with our Swagelok certified, trained technician, Nathan Perkins:

  • A visual inspection of compressed gas systems.
  • Source and cost of leaks through the use of ultrasonic leak detectors and Snoop®.
  • A detailed report including leak location, size and type, allowing personnel to set a maintenance schedule.
  • A prioritized list of recommendations that help you eliminate leakage, prevent failures and conserve valuable resources

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