SWG, S1:E2 - Ease of Doing Business and Ease of Installation of Our Products

Posted by Gary Wellborn on Apr 26, 2019 7:01:35 AM


Swaging with Gary - Ease of Doing Business with Swagelok Southeast Texas & Ease of Installation with

Watch this episode of Swaging with Gary, as tube fitting expert Gary Wellborn talks about meeting your highest expectations for safety, dependability and exceptional customer service.

Swagelok makes over 40 million parts every year and every fitting goes through our rigorous quality program. We are consistent with ensuring the products you receive from us are made with the highest quality materials—our special Swagelok recipe produces superior results. You can trust that every product that is machined, forged and delivered to you exceeds industry standards.

In this episode, Gary touches upon:
  • The Performance of the Swagelok Fitting
  • Swagelok’s Manufacturing Excellence
  • Swagelok’s Unmatched Associates

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