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Unlock the Potential of Your Fluid Systems


At Swagelok Southeast Texas, we understand that success stems from a well-functioning and efficient fluid system within your facility. We specialize in a holistic approach, dedicated to assessing and advising on fluid systems, aiming not just to address surface challenges but to uncover root causes while enhancing overall efficiency and safety.

We don't just assess – we partner with you. Our team brings technical expertise, extensive application experience, and industry insights directly to your site to comprehensively evaluate your systems and provide recommendations to solve challenges and enhance performance. Our focus is not just on quick fixes but on sustainable, long-term solutions.

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Meet Our Onsite Services Team

field engineer troubleshooting compressed gas leak detection system

Compressed Gas Leak Detection

Improve efficiency, increase reliability, and reduce energy consumption and emissions in everyday plant operations by addressing and eliminating gas leaks throughout your facility. We’ll help you identify leaks and quantify leak rates so you can prioritize the most critical issues to address based on safety, cost and productivity.

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swagelok advisor working with hose advisory

Hose Advisory

Eliminate costly issues that cause unplanned downtime or low product yield. Our team of advisors can identify ways to enhance your hose selection, installation, inspection and maintenance procedures to improve hose life and performance.

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swagelok field engineer

Engineering Services

Our dedicated team of engineers were selected for their expertise in fluid systems. Our team can help with evaluating and diagnosing persistent fluid system challenges, life-cycle cost analysis, and design optimization.

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swagelok field engineer reading

Analyzer Sample Conditioning Systems

Do you want to increase productivity, reduce operating expenses and maintenance costs, and identify unseen opportunities for overall system improvement? Our expert, in-depth analysis of your sampling systems, from process tap to analyzer, can improve your sampling system reliability with a full report included to help  prioritize recommended solutions.

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field engineer working with grab sample system

Grab Sampling Systems

Get help where you need it most. Improve your grab sample systems with safer, more accurate, and compliant samples. Swagelok's team of trained field engineers can identify issues affecting sample quality and opportunities for enhancing system performance. A full report is included to help identify key issues and  prioritize recommended solutions.

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Energy Emissions Surveys

Do you have concerns about leaks throughout your facility or noticed an increase in compressed gas usage? Find out where your facility is losing energy and address leaks and potential safety concerns.

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