Assembly Solutions

Take Design and Assemblies off Your To-Do List

Leverage Swagelok Southeast Texas’s expertise as an integrated supplier to mitigate production time and improve profitability through contracting systems and sub-assemblies through our Assembly Solutions Department. We combine our world-class quality components, ISO 9001 certified quality assurance program, superior products, and expertise in fluid systems to help you save critical time and resources.

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Our Capabilities

Working with us is a cost-effective way to enhance production capabilities, control variable labor costs, and streamline business processes.

  • Custom, fit-for-Purpose Designs
  • Project Management Support
  • Engineering and Design
  • CAD Drawings
  • P&ID Review
  • Testing Services 
  • Fitting and Tube Installation
  • Orbital Welding
  • Tube Bending and Coiling
  • Custom Hose Assembly
  • Third Party Component Sourcing
  • Custom Tagging and Labeling
  • Kitting
  • Professional Packaging and Delivery


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Swagelok Southeast Texas engineers can optimize your application designs and actually make panels and assemblies more compact, reduce the number of connections and parts used, lower the overall cost, and improve safety and reliability.

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swagelok pre-assembled product

Pre-Assembled Products

We keep the following pre-assembled products available and in-stock at all times. 

  • Regulator Assemblies
  • Valve Actuation
  • Sample Cylinders w/ Valves
  • Relief Valve Setting
  • Sub-Assemblies
  • Tube Fitting Assemblies
  • Pipe Fitting Assemblies
  • Hose Assemblies
  • Tube Bending and Coiling

swagelok grab sample system

Grab Sample Systems

You need a reliable grab sample system that can be available across multiple sites and between site locations and still support specific application needs. Swagelok Grab Sample Modules (GSM) using cylinders and Liquid-Only Systems (GSL) using bottles, provide reliable and consistent sampling service and are locally assembled in short service lead times.

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mechanical seal support system with swagelok components

Mechanical Seal Support Systems

We offer local support and a team of experienced engineers to optimize your seal support systems, using quality Swagelok components. Don’t run the risk of reducing the seal life and endangering operations. Our mechanical seal support systems will help you improve operating efficiency, operating cost, maximize uptime and minimize leakage.

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swagelok custom build in the field

Custom Builds

Whether you need assistance with designing and building a complete system, or you just don’t have the time to get a basic assembly completed on your own, we can assist with all of your system design, assembly and installation needs, including the following:

  • Build from your P&ID
  • Convert from an existing P&ID
  • Build from CAD Drawings
  • Control Panels
  • Test Panels
  • Testing Equipment
  • Sub Assembly Fabrication
  • Custom Welded Assemblies

swagelok in-house hose fabrication

Hose Fabrication

Get hose built exactly how you need them. We offer the ability to quickly fabricate hoses to your specified lengths with our in-house hose assembly work cell. Our certified hose technicians are able to provide hose and flexible tubing in your custom lengths, diameters 2” and under and with an array of end connections. Choose materials and end connections for a wide range of pressures and temperatures.

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different swagelok tubes

Tubing Services

Are you looking to save time in your building process? We offer tubing services that can get you to the end product much faster.

  • Pre-bent tubing
  • Cone & Threading
  • Tube cutting to custom specs
  • Welding Services

field engineer providing orbital welding help

Orbital Welding

For projects requiring a consistent, safe and efficient approach to welding, the Swagelok orbital welding system offers precision and control combined with easy-to-use touchscreen operation. It provides repeatable orbital gas tungsten arc welds (GTAW) for both tubing and pipe. Its real-time monitoring and recording capabilities streamline documentation for easy adherence to industry requirements.

swagelok field team members

Who Can Our Assembly Solutions Team Help?

  • Analyzer Engineers
  • Fixed Equipment Engineers
  • Rotating Equipment Engineers
  • Reliability Engineers
  • Project Engineers 
  • Unit/Process Engineers
  • Unit Manager
  • Materials Coordinator or Turnaround Planner
  • Project Manager
  • Production Managers and Planners
  • Purchasing/Buyers

What Industries Use Assembly Solutions

Petrochemical, Refining, and Oil & Gas

If you value Swagelok products you already know and have experienced what it means to buy Swagelok – the highest level of product quality and customer service in fluid systems. When you are building systems, you want the entire system to maintain performance consistency of the highest quality. Refineries and Plants of all sizes can benefit from our technical support and engineering services to save critical time and resources.


A fabricated assembly isn’t just made up of different products – it  IS the product. The performance of a fabricated assembly is absolutely critical and defines the products that go into it.

No matter how big or small, high performance and expertise matters. Why place orders for 10 different components and issue 3 purchase orders. Make your operation leaner and more efficient by buying the assembly you need, not just component parts.

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