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Capital Projects Product Selection Guide

Managing Your Capital Projects


Any large-scale construction project is inherently difficult. Thousands of people are involved, competition is aggressive, logistics are complicated, spending approvals can come slowly, and there is a constant threat of project overruns. To meet deadlines and cost targets while maintaining quality control, you need suppliers and collaborators with international reach, a breadth of capabilities, and applicable industry expertise.

With Swagelok Southeast Texas as your strategic partner, from Pre-FEED to Commissioning, you work with our local expert, backed by a global network, who is focused on the bigger picture and understands how technical decisions relate to budgets and costs.  

Capital Projects Product Selection Guide

Wherever You Are, We're There


Working with Swagelok Southeast Texas on your construction project means having access to:

Document_OutlineCircle_Blue2945   Responsive, Efficient Project Management 

Working with Swagelok on your global construction project means having access to: 

  • Our dedicated global construction services team helping you get answers quickly 
  • Comprehensive material management, enabling greater productivity and scheduling gains 
  • Product and materials selection consultation based on your project specifications 
  • Worldwide connectivity and collaboration through 225 global sales and service centers across 70 countries 
  • Oversight and standardization to ensure specification and vendor compliance

MaterialScience_OutlineCircle_Blue2945   Application and Materials Expertise 

Choose Swagelok for: 

  • Reliable fluid system products backed by the Swagelok Limited Lifetime Warranty 
  • Solutions that have approvals and certifications appropriate for your industry and applications 
  • Standardization of reliable products to streamline operations activities and simplify the design and procurement process 
  • Standardization of system assemblies to simplify training and operation, minimizing complexity and operating expenses 
  • Design and kitting services to get you what you need when you need it, all in a manner that promotes simple installation and minimizes the potential for rework 
  • Tailored product and alloy combination recommendations to maximize corrosion resistance and system longevity in specific applications 
  • Fluid system installation audits and pre-commissioning evaluations to detect and issues early and prevent costly problems later 
  • Products engineered to help you meet sustainability goals, featuring leak-tight designslow-emissions products and certifications, and the reliability necessary for use in high-stakes, critical applications 

CustomSolutions_OutlineCircle_Blue2945   Engineering Support   

Locally based field engineers support the success of your project with: 

  • Insights as needed on how to more effectively compete, reduce costs, optimize material choices, improve installation, or develop specifications 
  • Standardized and configurable solutions packages for simple installation and maintenance, including kits, assemblies, panels, enclosures, and fully engineered subsystems, i.e. Grab Sample, Sample Conditioning, Mechanical Seal Support 
  • Technical support for product and materials selection and application decisions 
  • Installation assessment services to qualify and validate practices 
  • Assurance that all global teams will follow design specifications and comply with project requirements 

Training_OutlineCircle_Blue2945   Standardized, Practical Training 

We support the understanding of fluid system design, installation, operation, and maintenance by providing:

  • Product, installation, and maintenance training to keep associates and contractors safe 
  • Competency and skills development to minimize errors and streamline operations 
  • Standardized education to encourage consistency of performance across your fluid systems 

Global Customers_OutlineCircle_Blue2945   Global Capabilities, Local Service 

For global construction projects, Swagelok provides:  

  • Local support through 225 authorized sales and service locations across 70 countries 
  • Technical expertise and collaboration opportunities through six global technical centers 
  • The backing of not only your dedicated global construction services team, but field and design engineers, manufacturing professionals, and sales and service center associates worldwide who are focused on delivering high-quality solutions to customers’ challenges 
  • The supply chain, order fulfillment processes, and logistics network to reliably get you the products you need 

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