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A Live Webcast Series About Applications, Tech Tips, Engineering, and Innovative Solutions for your Industry

Episode 15: Adapt and Overcome

Posted by Aubry Fielding on Aug 18, 2020 2:49:15 PM

As Covid-19 has been the catalyst for doing thing differently, Buster and Logan discuss how the industry is adapting to the new work environment. From developing new SOP’s, to the the ever changing workforce and schedules, they’ll share how we’re helping customers overcome challenges and the new options we're providing to ensure success.

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Episode 14: Preparing for the Future

Posted by Aubry Fielding on Jul 27, 2020 3:34:00 PM

Our EPC and construction specialist Chris Chittum returns to talk about actions you can take now to keep future projects and turnarounds on time and on budget. He’ll share examples and steps to take throughout all stages of your project – up to commissioning and beyond that ensure ease of construction, trouble-free start-up, and minimal maintenance after completion.

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Episode 13: Next Level Technical Support

Posted by Aubry Fielding on Jul 15, 2020 3:33:58 PM

With 32 years of Swagelok experience, Russell Smith, our Technical Support & Training Specialist has become somewhat of a technical guru at SSET. Whether it’s cross-referencing part numbers, creating them from spec descriptions, or calling out the material in every part of a valve, find out how he gets the answers quickly and efficiently, so you don’t have to.

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Episode 12: Preventative Maintenance for Hoses

Posted by Aubry Fielding on Jul 15, 2020 3:32:30 PM

Our Field Services Advisor, Nathan Perkins, opens up about common misconceptions when it comes to hoses in a facility and best practices that can prevent hose failure and injuries. He’ll share what steps to take when implementing a new hose preventative maintenance program or when revising and updating an existing one.

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Episode 11: Top Ten Solutions

Posted by Aubry Fielding on Jul 1, 2020 12:00:02 PM

Buster and Logan discuss the top ten questions we get in the field. From simple requests to complicated inquiries, they have the answers and solutions. Have a question you need answered?

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Episode 10: Seal Fill Carts & Tubes

Posted by Aubry Fielding on Jul 1, 2020 11:59:54 AM

Our Technical Advisor, Sean Sellers, joins us this week and shares an innovative new way to fill seal pots while they remain in operation without risking exposure and ensuring operator safety.

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Episode 9: Effective Inventory Management

Posted by Aubry Fielding on Jul 1, 2020 11:59:48 AM

Leah Keel, Technical Advisor at Swagelok Southeast Texas, shares inventory management techniques and processes that help save time, reduce cost, and eliminate waste.

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Episode 8: Engineering Seal Support Systems

Posted by Aubry Fielding on Jun 2, 2020 1:27:06 PM

Our engineer, Brandon Dickerson, joins us this week and breaks down how expertise in fluid system management coupled with local engineering and assembly, addresses the challenges with delivery, design and performance of seal support systems.

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Episode 7: Local and Global Construction

Posted by Aubry Fielding on May 26, 2020 11:10:36 AM

Our Key Construction Specialist, Chris Chittum joins us this week to discuss our strategy and approach with global and local construction. He shares how the global Swagelok network and our processes partnered with our customers can get projects finished on time and on budget.

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Episode 6: Mechanical Seal Solutions

Posted by Aubry Fielding on May 19, 2020 1:08:53 PM

Jake Jones, Technical Advisor with SSET, sits down with Buster and Logan to dive into his previous life as a multi-craft technician, planner, and supervisor at a chemical plant. Find out how innovative mechanical seal components and solutions can be a game changer when it comes to reliability and safety and how Jake wishes he knew then, what he knows now.