Energy Emissions Surveys

Our Swagelok trained Field Services Advisor comes to your location and conducts a No Cost* Energy Emissions Survey, an assessment of your plant’s systems and components, tagging areas that need attention. The result is a summary report that identifies the number of leaks and offers best practices for repairing and maintaining your facility’s systems.*up to 2 hours
  • Have you noticed an increased cycle time for your compressors?
  • Do you want to improve performance and safety?
  • Would you like to reduce operating & maintenance cost?
  • Are you renting air compressors?
  • Want to lower energy cost?
  • Want to plan for future expenses?
  • Do you have a planned outage coming up and need leaks found and tagged?
If you answered yes to any of the above questions, consider scheduling an Energy Emissions Survey with our Swagelok Field Services Advisor.
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