Supply Chain & Fulfillment

Streamline Inventory Management with Our Supply Chain Services

Our Supply Chain & Fulfillment services are designed to help reduce your inventory holding cost, minimize shipping fees, increase working capital, and decrease the costs associated with storing, moving, and replenishing the critical pieces of your fluid and gas systems.

Equipment Rental

Get the right tools when you need them without making a large investment. If you occasionally need specialized tools like tube benders, orbital welders and hydraulic swaging units, Swagelok Southeast Texas offers rental equipment at all three of our locations. We also offer on-site technical assistance to assure maximum productivity and quick resolution of questions or technical issues.

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Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI)

Our VMI service begins with a review of your current usage, from there develop a forecast, then we steadily replenish your inventory, so the components are there when you need them—reducing your transaction costs and helping to keep maintenance and other activities on schedule. Once the program is in place, we provide reports on shipment timeliness, cost savings, and other aspects of our performance.

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Custom Kitting Services

Reduce the cost of doing business by taking advantage of our customized component packaging options. Pre-packaging components to customer specifications eliminates additional handling, reduces packaging waste, warehousing costs and manpower required, all while increasing the efficiency of assembly processes.

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Consignment Cart

Get mobility and inventory at your fingertips with our Mobile Consignment Cart. Designed to improve Turnaround efficiency, our Consignment Cart reduces downtime and stocks all of the parts and tools you need. And since Swagelok Southeast Texas stocks over 4,000 parts locally, we check your cart regularly so you can be sure to have all the parts you need, when you need them.

RoboCrib Parts Vending Machine

Managing inventory has gone high tech. With the RoboCrib, you can automate and control your Swagelok inventory and get complete visibility and accountability around your spending. The RoboCrib ensures that you: never run out of key components; have around the clock inventory access; eliminate Purchase orders; gain valuable floor space; and, limit access to critical inventory. You can also. generate over 200 unique reports to help you improve quoting, forecasting, and planning and even receive inventory alerts on your smartphone.