Grab Sample Systems


Flexible and Configurable Grab Sample Systems for More Efficient Capture

Swagelok® Grab Sample Systems are customizable to allow for safe, efficient sample capture and maintain the integrity of your existing process. Plus, local support ensures fast, dependable expert service.

  • Versatile mounting options for easier installation
  • Standard and customized sample systems can be configured using a part number table for simplified ordering
  • Additional instrumentation devices, including gauges, flowmeter indicators, and relief valves are available
  • Locally tested design for proven performance
  • Designed and built with the reliable components you trust from Swagelok
  • Local, certified experts, local fabrication and available replacement parts

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Locally Built Grab Sample Systems

Gas, Liquid, and Two-phase

A closed-loop, cylinder sampling system for use with gas, liquid and two-phase processes.


For use with low vapor-pressure liquids, these systems typically use bottles with septum caps to collect and safely contain samples for lab analysis.

Customer Specific

Our trained and certified local engineers work in the field and have extensive experience to assist you with your unique design needs while maintaining a timely, compatible and representative sample.

Grab Sample Cylinder Assemblies

Our cylinder assemblies are built locally and are laser marked and tagged to customer requirements.  They are used on our GSM designs and can be ordered as a separate assembly for your existing or new systems.

Swagelok’s Grab Sample Cylinder (GSC) assemblies are sold separately from GSM sampling systems and feature the highest quality components for safe capture and transportation of samples.  GSC assemblies come standard with Swagelok D series needle valves.  Multiple options are available and GSC assemblies are easily customized to meet your needs.

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Engineering Services

On-site Evaluation and Troubleshooting

Our engineers will help you identify improvements to your current sampling systems reliability or troubleshoot existing issues with our expert, in-depth evaluation of your sampling systems, from tap to grab sample station.

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