Swaging with Gary - 'Ask Me Anything' Q & A, Episode 1

Posted by Gary Wellborn on May 29, 2019 10:08:43 PM


Watch Episode 1: Tube Fitting Intermix/Interchange

As part of our 'Swaging with Gary' expert video series, we asked viewers to submit questions for Gary to answer regarding each episode topic. Here are the questions and answers for Episode 1: Tube Fitting Intermix/Interchange.

Q: Why is it not safe to mix fitting when others say it is okay to interchange and intermix? –Adam W.

A: There is no industry-wide commercial design standard for tube fittings. Each manufacturer has their own internal design standards, material standards and manufacturing processes. There is no effective validation testing of the intermix/interchange of different tube fitting designs. Some manufacturers may guarantee this, but they will claim no effective responsibility. Tight tolerances, superior metallurgy and how the ferrules grip, hold and seal is the key to zero leakage in tube fittings.

The unfailing reliability of the Swagelok tube fitting is the result of our proven design, manufacturing excellence and superior raw material! 

Q: Why is your warranty the best? –Eric B.

A: The Swagelok limited lifetime warranty demonstrates our relentless commitment to quality and our customers. Every Swagelok product is backed by this promise for the life of the product. This covers not only replacing the component, but also the cost of replacing the product.

Q: You mentioned training, what does Swagelok Southeast Texas offer? –John P.

A: We offer one of the best comprehensive programs available to help you build an even better workforce.

Expert-led, hands on workshops at convenient locations and times, teach your workforce to:

  • Correctly handle and prepare tubing
  • Safely install and maintain Swagelok tube fittings
  • Minimize leaks, cover costs, and increase uptime throughout the plant
  • Other topics include:
  • Tube bending essentials, Hose essentials
  • Medium and high-pressure cone and thread essentials
  • Safe valve selection
  • Thread identification class

Q: Why isn’t it possible for a competitor to make an exact copy of the Swagelok fitting? –Will S.

A: It is possible to make a fitting with the same general appearance of Swagelok. However, it will not be a duplicate for several reasons: Swagelok does not purchase material on the open market, but purchases mill runs to exacting specifications. The machine tolerances and ferrule geometry are unique to the Swagelok fitting. Finally, there is a lot more that goes into the fitting from standpoint of manufacturing, specifically machining and tooling.

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