Swagelok Southeast Texas Helps HOERBIGER Reduce CO, NOx Emissions on Legacy Engines by 80 Percent

Posted by Aubry Fielding on Jan 14, 2020 11:30:46 AM


HOERBIGER Engineering Services (HES) initially relied on Swagelok Southeast Texas as parts vendor, but after multiple attempts to work with local machine shops, the relationship evolved into a service-focused collaboration, dedicated to helping HES service lower the cost of servicing customer legacy engines.

Swagelok Southeast Texas initially supplied components for HES to implement during engine modification, but eventually we began supplying pre-assemblies and sub-assemblies, control panels and nitrogen purge panels. We also provided hose advisory services, helping HES with hose selection and preventive maintenance planning. By utilizing high quality of Swagelok components and assemblies, HES has achieved a significant reduction in the number of failed parts – which also reduced labor costs and improved the rate of reliability. “It was a gamechanger for us because we no longer [had to] buy 15 so we could break 5,” Mathews continues. “We could buy 10 and have 10 work. When they shut that pipeline down, go in there and retrofit this compressor engine and be up and running when the compressor company says ‘go.’ They can’t wait an extra day. We’re talking hundreds of thousands of dollars if they miss a deadline.”

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