Extend Life of Mechanical Seals with Swagelok Seal Support Systems

Posted by Andrea Rucker on Oct 3, 2018 5:50:01 PM


When your rotating equipment fails, it’s often because your seals fail. This happens for many reasons:  misalignment, poor lubrication, seal wear, fatigue, contamination, or improperly sized and selected components.

Swagelok Southeast Texas Seal Support Systems help to extend the life of your mechanical seals and keep your rotating equipment running.


  • Your single source for API 682 mechanical seal support plans – single-seal, dual-seal, quench, gas seals
  • We start with standard designs that can quickly and easily be configured to meet your specific needs


  • Swagelok components stocked locally, specifically designed for mechanical seal support applications
  • Our certified engineers and technicians work with you to meet your system requirements
  • Quick turnaround and fast delivery times

  • Constructed with the highest quality components and backed by the Swagelok Limited Lifetime Warranty
  • API 682 standards supports the use of tubing instead of piping, reducing potential leak points and providing enhance vibration resistance


Mechanical Seal Support Systems

Swagelok Southeast Texas Seal Support Systems are fully assembled locally to meet the needs of our customers. They are primarily used in mechanical seal applications and configurable for wet and dry seals. These systems can offer a reliable and high performance solution to your mechanical seal operations.


Swagelok Southeast Texas’ seal support systems are:

  • Locally fabricated for quick turnaround and fast delivery
  • Design and construction guided by API 682
  • Configurable plans for single seal, dual seal, quench and gas seals
  • Assembled with Swagelok Mechanical Seal Support Components

We start with standard designs that can easily be configured using Swagelok components and tubing instead of piping to reduce potential leak points and provide enhanced vibration resistance. This eliminates the need for welding, effectively reducing installation costs, improving flow characteristics, and simplifying maintenance.

And like all Swagelok products, our mechanical seal support systems are constructed with the highest quality standards and designed to perform under pressure. The result is equipment that runs efficiently and safely, so you can maximize uptime and availability. Once installed in your system, everything we sell is backed by our Limited Lifetime Warranty.


Need Help Configuring Your System?

Your local Swagelok Southeast Texas technical advisor or field engineer can assist you with the right design and solution to meet your application needs.

Fill out the short form via the button below to request help OR give us a call at 281.422.3533.

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Mechanical Seal Support Components

Swagelok Seal Flush Plan components help keep your rotating equipment running efficiently, with less downtime and fewer leaks.

Integral Orifice Flange Adapter

Integral Orifice Flange Adapter
Replace threaded or welded flange assemblies with a one-piece flange adapter with integral orifice.

Thermowell Tees

Thermowell Tees
Reduce threaded connections and monitor temperature with integrated thermowell pre-welded into tube fitting tee for ease of installation.

Extended Male Connector

Extended Male Connector
Eliminate threaded pipe and potential leak points with a single fitting. Available in 4 - and 6-inch lengths to allow you to clear the shroud and go straight from the gland to your tubing run in one piece.

Orifice Union

Orifice Union
Easily add an orifice to a flush system with the orifice union. This fitting makes welding bulky flange assemblies unnecessary. Tagged for visual identification.


To learn more detail about the mechanical seal system components, download our catalog:


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