Case Study: Ramin Corporation

Posted by Andrea Rucker on Jul 31, 2018 10:14:56 AM

Ramin Corporation Case Study

Swagelok Southeast Texas' Customized Solution helps Ramin Corporation

Ramin Corporation is very familiar with providing custom solutions for clients. Founded in 1984 by Jim Ramin, the company began as a laboratory glassware and scientific equipment manufacturer in north Houston. Located in the heart of the energy and petrochemical industry, Ramin has grown steadily providing oil & gas companies and the laboratory market high quality stock and custom ASTM glassware.

“There is not much we cannot do from a glassware or machining standpoint for our customers,” says Dale Stanaland, who has been with Ramin for nearly a decade in multiple capacities, including purchasing and operations, as well as sales and customer service. “We’ve had customers bring us everything from specific, detailed plans to rough drawings of products they are looking for. We pride ourselves in being able to deliver just what they need.” With steady growth over the last 27 years, Ramin has been able to add a great deal of experience and talent to their team, which now numbers 15 and is growing. “We have a full staff of glass blowers, machinists and programmers who really pride themselves in helping customers solve problems.”
That dedication has served Ramin Corporation well. They not only have a great reputation with customers in Houston and the Gulf Coast region, but they ship their products world wide – from South America to Singapore. Remarkably, most of that business has come through word-­of-mouth advertising. “We let our work speak for itself,” added Dale.

The Problem

Enter Swagelok Southeast Texas 

With that culture, it is no surprise then that Dale recognized a talent for problem solving when he saw it in one of his suppliers. “We were using two competitive suppliers for some integral parts of a product that we regularly make. Swagelok’s competitor was a few cents cheaper so we continued to buy their parts.” 

Dale recognized some problems with the competitor’s parts breaking or causing delays in production. When Greg Tannery with Swagelok began to learn more about how his parts were being used in Ramin’s final product, he realized his company might be able to do more.

The Solution

Swagelok Connects with Quality Products, Sound Advice

Dale noticed that Swagelok’s fluid control valves and stainless fittings were of higher quality and, frankly, looked better. These valves and fittings were in plain view for Ramin’s customers to see on the finished product. “We manufacture many of the parts that go into our products, but there is also assembly and integration of our supplier’s products that takes place to get it ready to ship. Exclusively using Swagelok parts, which have a long heritage of high quality standards, elevated the perception of our final product.”

In addition, there was a step in the valve assembly process that was taking Ramin employees three hours to complete. With some further analysis, Greg suggested to let his team handle this part of the assembly before Swagelok ships the valve.

The Benefit

Save Significant Time and Resources

“By learning our business, they took a step that used to take us 3 hours, and cut it down to 1 minute – and only charged us $10 to do it. That has allowed us to speed up assembly and shave 10% off of our costs. That makes us more competitive in the marketplace.”

That also speaks volumes about how Swagelok values their customers as strategic partners, not just sales opportunities.


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