Hose Essentials Training

Understanding the fundamentals helps to extend hose production cycles, ensure safety, and lower total cost of ownership. Instructors introduce common terminology, explain variables impacting hose selection, and show how to select hose for different applications. 

Course Objectives

Upon completion of this course, you should be able to:

  • Define common Hose terms and terminology
  • Describe how to evaluate Hose fit for purpose
  • Discuss Hose selection variables
  • Describe guidelines for Hose installation
  • List common issues related to Hose applications

Course Agenda


  • Introduction to Hose
  • Why are Hoses used?
  • Hose Life


  • Hose Assembly Connections
  • End Connection Attachment Methods


  • Application Variables
  • Core Tube Considerations
  • Hose Selection Scenarios

Best Practices

  • Inspection
  • Routing Considerations
  • Hose Length Determination
  • Cleaning and Storage
  • Hose Supplier Selection

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