Vendor Managed Inventory

The Product You Want When You Need It

At Swagelok Southeast Texas, we want to help your company streamline your inventory management by offering solutions tailored to your specific needs. We provide vendor managed inventory services to help our customers manage their supply chain.

Our sales team has years of experience in helping our customers manage and organize their on-site inventory of Swagelok components. By evaluating your needs and reviewing your past part usage, we will work with you to determine your inventory requirements and establish min/max levels. Because stocking levels are established based on your needs, you can trust that components will be there when you need them and your overall inventory carrying costs will be lowered.  To ensure optimal organization of your inventory, we can recommend storage options to fit your needs.


  • On site availability of your most-used Swagelok products
  • Reduces procurement costs
  • Increases the efficiency of assembly processes
  • Inventory based on actual annual usage
  • Eliminates manpower to check, order, and maintain bins
  • Reduces packaging waste and warehousing costs 
  • Eliminates downtime in the field
  • Dedicated Service Specialist to manage and continually replenish account inventories

Contact our VMI Specialists today to discuss an inventory management solution that makes sense for your company.