Services Throughout The Construction Timeline

Swagelok Southeast Texas offers a variety of construction related services throughout the construction time line.

When You Are in FEED

After Ground Breaking

  • We offer Inventory solutions ranging from completely contained and manned inventory trailers, to on site consignments or daily deliveries to job boxes
  • We can stage material locally at our 3 locations using “Bag and Tag” blanket releases and keep track of it with bar-coding using our advance allocation solutions
  • We have available for rent a variety of tools from orbital welderstube benderstube fitting hydraulic swagers and tube cutting systems.
  • We offer “schedule rescue” for panels, fluid system fabricated assemblies and material solutions during this critical time

During Commissioning

  • We offer leak testing of systems
  • We can assist you with start up inventories
  • We provide on site support and operator training for sample panels and other commonly used fabrications

To learn more about our Total Project Support program, please contact our Technical Advisor Team.

Read the Case Study: Turnaround Support Services Saves Customer Inventory and Procurement Costs to see how we helped a local company.