Process Analyzer Sampling System (PASS) Subsystems Training

This five-day course breaks down design elements of industrial sample systems into subsystems then further separates them into discrete function blocks. Through an effective blend of lecture, class exercises, and a team design project delivered in a small class environment, you learn how to assemble these function blocks into complete system designs or employ them as analytical tools to assess and improve in-service systems.

Knowing each sampling system is different and can pose its own set of challenges in design, operation, and maintenance; PASS—Subsystem training helps you make sense of the variables which affect sampling systems so that you can head off problems before they arise.

You’ll study how to:

  • Clearly differentiate the functions that a sampling system performs
  • Use each function within the sampling system to achieve best performance
  • Create reliable sampling systems
  • Analyze a complex system to understand it better
  • Troubleshoot problem designs in the field or on the drawing board

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About The Instructors

Tony Waters and Phil Harris have over 80 years of combined experience with process analyzers and their sampling systems. They are experts at using them in refineries and chemical plants, and have founded multiple companies providing analyzer services to process industries.  Additionally, both Phil and Tony are regular presenters at industry conferences and have published many papers on analyzer systems.

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