Field Services

Improve Performance, Productivity, and Safety, while

Reducing Costs and Environmental Issues

Need a detailed assessment of your plant’s fluid systems and components, to identify areas needing attention, and implement best practices for top performance? Swagelok Southeast Texas brings our technical expertise, application experience, and industry knowledge to your site.
Our experts visit your facility, evaluate your systems, and advise on performance enhancements. They deliver a detailed report and recommend solutions tailored to your toughest fluid system challenges.
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Analytical Sampling Systems

Do you want to increase productivity, reduce operating expenses and maintenance costs, and identify unseen opportunities for overall system improvement? Our expert, in-depth analysis of your sampling systems, from process tap to analyzer, can improve your sampling system reliability.


Grab Sampling Systems

Get help where you need it most. Improve your grab sample systems with safer, more accurate, and compliant samples. Swagelok's team of trained field engineers can identify issues affecting sample quality and opportunities for enhancing system performance.


Find out where your plant is losing energy via a thorough steam system audit. Our experts will help you conduct a detailed assessment of your plant’s fluid systems and components, document and tag areas needing attention, and share best practices for repairing and maintaining your plant’s systems. You’ll improve energy efficiency and safety, increase productivity, reduce emissions and trim costs related to wasted steam energy.

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Hose Advisory

Eliminate costly issues that cause unplanned downtime or low product yield. Our team of advisors can identify ways to enhance your hose selection, installation, inspection and maintenance procedures to improve hose life and performance.

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Compressed Gas Leak Detection

Improve efficiency, increase reliability, and reduce energy consumption and emissions in everyday plant operations by addressing and eliminating gas leaks throughout your facility. We’ll help you identify leaks and quantify leak rates so you can prioritize the most critical issues to address based on safety, cost and productivity.

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Field Engineering

Swagelok field engineering is a dedicated team of engineers selected for their expertise in fluid systems. Our team can help with evaluating and diagnosing persistent fluid system challenges, life-cycle cost analysis, and design optimization.

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