You need a solution uniquely tailored to your needs, and you need it now. You could spend your resources on designing, sourcing, building, and testing a solution. Or you could take advantage of Swagelok’s expertise as an integrated supplier of more than just products. We provide local support, backed by a global experience, from initial concept to assembly.

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Whether your idea is just that—an idea, the result of a conversation, or a design to optimize—we can enhance it with 3D drawings compatible with your engineering drawing system, including:

  • Analytical and process instrumentation systems
  • Medium- and high-pressure applications


You know what you want to do—now you need it done efficiently. Let Swagelok provide and assemble components to meet your exacting requirements.

  • High-volume tube bending and swaging
  • Orbital Welding
  • Custom hose cutting and end connection selection


Start with some of our most widely known products: valves, regulators, and manifolds. Add the expertise required to put together the componentry into a solution you can use. The results? Custom component, assembly, and enclosure fabrication, including:

  • Regulator panels
  • Changeover manifolds
  • Oxygen-safe assemblies
  • Lube oil skids

Factory-Certified Assembly

Swagelok’s Quality System (SQS) standards ensure that our Custom Solutions personnel have completed Swagelok-administered training course in areas such as these:

  • Tube fitting and tube adapter fitting assembly
  • Fitting reassembly
  • Threaded fitting assembly
  • Orbital welding
  • Hand and bench-top tube bending

Limited Lifetime Warranty

Like everything else we provide, our custom solutions services are backed by our Limited Lifetime Warranty. Peace of mind for the entire system we build for you.


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Swagelok's Custom Solutions Fabrication Services can provide the support you need.

Grab Sample Systems

As more industries bring additional analytical equipment online, it becomes more imperative to have quality sample systems that can accurately capture the process for later analysis. Swagelok understands the complex need to have a reliable grab sample system that can be available across multiple sites and between site locations and still support specific application needs.

As an industry expert with years of sampling expertise, it was fitting for the company to introduce a safe solution capable of being locally assembled in short service lead times. Swagelok Grab Sample Modules (GSM) using cylinders and Liquid-Only Systems (GSL) using bottles, provide reliable and consistent sampling service.

Seal Support Systems

When your rotating equipment fails, it’s often because your seals fail. Seals can fail for many reasons. You’ve seen it all in the field: misalignment, poor lubrication, seal wear, fatigue, contamination, or improperly sized and selected components. Swagelok Southeast Texas seal support systems help to extend the life of your seals and keep your rotating equipment running.

Without quality components and a reliable seal support system, your run the risk of reducing the seal life and endangering operation. And without the local support and expertise to put it all together, you can’t focus on what you do best.

We know fluid systems. Let Swagelok bring over 70 years of expertise and a team of experienced engineers to your seal support systems to help you improve operating efficiency, operating cost, maximize uptime and minimize leakage.

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Hose Assemblies

Often times the hose is the last component in your system to be considered. Get hose built exactly how you need them. Take advantage of our ability to quickly fabricate hoses to your specified lengths with our in-house hose assembly work cell. Our certified hose technicians are able to provide hose and flexible tubing in your custom lengths, diameters 2” and under and with an array of end connections. Choose materials and end connections for a wide range of pressures and temperatures.

Orbital Weld Assemblies

For projects requiring a consistent, safe and efficient approach to welding, the Swagelok orbital welding system offers precision and control combined with easy-to-use touchscreen operation. It provides repeatable orbital gas tungsten arc welds (GTAW) for both tubing and pipe. Its real-time monitoring and recording capabilities streamline documentation for easy adherence to industry requirements.

We offer a range of Swagelok welding system components, including fixtures and collets, power supply, spare parts and accessories for weld systems, and weld heads—plus rentals, seminars, and more.


Analyzer Engineers
Fixed Equipment Engineer (Grab Sample Systems)
Rotating Equipment Engineers
Reliability Engineers (Seal Support Systems)
Project Engineers 

Swagelok SET has the expertise to help make your job easier. Let us help you simplify your designs, improve quality, and reduce paperwork and inconsistencies.

Unit Manager

You manage and work with the engineers that can benefit the most from our expertise. Let us help or guide us to your colleagues that can benefit from 

Materials Coordinator or Turnaround Planner

A turnaround is typically an important project in a short amount of time, with huge consequences for staying on task, on track, and on budget.

Eliminate variables, improve quality and consistency, reduce paperwork and purchase orders and better plan for unforeseen circumstances by working with our Fabricated and Assembly Services team.

Project Manager

You don’t just manage massive projects, you manage the people that help get them done.

Help your team stay on track by eliminating as many purchasing and quality variables as possible. Contact Swagelok’s Fabricating and Assembly Services experts today.


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Petrochemical, Refining, and Oil & Gas

If you value Swagelok products you already know and have experienced what it means to buy Swagelok – the highest level of product quality and customer service in fluid systems. When you are building systems, you want the entire system to maintain performance consistency of the highest quality

If you run a large refinery, then you understand and require high quality, high performing systems.

If you run a small plant, then you understand how critical your time and resources are – you want to leverage technical support and engineering services of one of the best manufacturers in the business to help your plant run to the highest level possible. 


A fabricated assembly isn’t just made up of different products – it IS the product. The performance of a fabricated assembly is absolutely critical and defines the products that go into it.

No matter how big or small, high performance and expertise matters. Why place orders for 10 different components and issue 3 purchase orders. Make your operation leaner and more efficient by buying the assembly you need, not just component parts.




As Project Manager for the Laser Analysis Division (LAD) of Yokogawa, Phillip Proctor has helped his company solve big problems for customers. Yokogawa Electrical Corporation is engaged in an intense transformation from an instrumentation and control system hardware provider to a solutions provider – one that spans the fields of test and measurement, industrial automation and control, and information systems. Yokogawa’s Laser Analysis Division is no exception. They specialize in a spectroscopic analyzer that has virtually no peer in the industry for detecting extremely low levels of particular gases in industrial processes using lasers.

The LAD, as one would assume, targets chemical plants and other large-scale manufacturing facilities that can use such detailed and critical analysis down to the part-per-million, such as O2 and CO detection in combustion stacks. While the products they sell, such as the line of Tunable Diode Laser Analyzers, are all made in Yokogawa’s Georgia facility, they all find their way to the Webster, Texas facility where Proctor works. “If a TDLS Analyzer goes anywhere in the world, it goes through here,” shared Phillip. 

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Ramin Corporation is very familiar with providing custom solutions for clients. Founded in 1984 by Jim Ramin, the company began as a laboratory glassware and scientific equipment manufacturer in north Houston. Located in the heart of the energy and petrochemical industry, Ramin has grown steadily providing oil & gas companies and the laboratory market high quality stock and custom ASTM glassware.

“There is not much we cannot do from a glassware or machining standpoint for our customers,” says Dale Stanaland, who has been with Ramin for nearly a decade in multiple capacities, including purchasing and operations, as well as sales and customer service. “We’ve had customers bring us everything from specific, detailed plans to rough drawings of products they are looking for. We pride ourselves in being able to deliver just what they need.” With steady growth over the last 27 years, Ramin has been able to add a great deal of experience and talent to their team, which now numbers 15 and is growing. “We have a full staff of glass blowers, machinists and programmers who really pride themselves in helping customers solve problems.”

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